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Ava Liu Yukiu (雨僑) is a multi-talented new generation Hong Kong singer/actress.

Ava Liu Yukiu (雨僑) is a new generation of Hong Kong singers. Ava Yukiu is very active in her YouTube channel featuring her live singing, make-up skills and consistently communicates with her viewers. Overall for a newcomer celebrity, she's doing a great job by being close with her fans. Check out all her videos and I'm sure you will love her!

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AVA.LIU 2-way blending brush - no.12

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AVA.LIU Bullet brush-no.18

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AVA.LIU Facial brush-no.19

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AVA.LIU Foundation brush - no.10

AVA.LIU Products

AVA.LIU Kabuki brush-no.20