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HONG WO LOK TEA 80g x 2 (Duo Set)

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Functions: Improves blood pressure, blood sugar, reduce fat, maintain vascular health.

Product Expiry Date: 03/2022



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High cholesterol, Hypertension, High Blood Sugar and excessive fat are the cause of many chronic diseases. In particular to improve the above problems, Hong Wo Lok formulated 《三高清脂茶》which combined with traditional wisdom & advance technology. This product uses Anhua Dark Tea (enable to gentle stomach) combined with many experts and years of research [Patent Probiotic] to produce, which can reduce excess fat in various parts of the body, blood vessels and liver. Regular use might help to stabilize blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol, effectively regulate and balance intestinal peristalsis.


This product is produced in the Non-Landing and high-control sterilization room, also passed Hong Kong pesticide residue and heavy metal test. It made of pure natural tea leaf without any artificially added, suitable for people aged 6 or above.


Brewing method: Place the tea leaf into a teapot, fill with boiling water & let the tea steep for 20 seconds. Re-steep your tea if the tea leaf are still retained their flavor. You may adjust the steeping time as per your preference.


Storage: Store in a cool & dry place, avoid direct sunlight. Recommended to consume within 3 months after package unsealed.


Net Weight: 80克/g

Ingredients: 100% Dark Tea