Le Naturel

Le Naturel Baby Balm 100ml


All natural organic ingredients

100% hand-made,

Contains "wild sweet almond oil" from South Africa

Extract the essence by "low temperature cold pressing"

Retain most of the active ingredients



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[LE Naturel Baby Balm]:

-No hormone

-No steroid

-No chemicals

-No additives


100% natural, fully edible grade product

Edible, BB is easy to rub your fingers, safety first

Pure natural without added, BB resistance is weak, no stimulation is the first choice

Mild, effective, and safe to see

Extremely easy to absorb, with the magical effect of nourishing and moisturizing

Similar to BB skin structure, excellent soothing and anti-allergic effect

Long-term use effectively eliminates maternal pregnancy

Strengthen cell oxygenation and eliminate fatigue

Analgesic and irritating

Brings the softest, purest and gentlest treatment to baby's skin. It is made from hand-refined olive oil, coconut oil, beeswax and 100% pure essential oil. It is all natural ingredients and gently nourishes the delicate skin.


Suitable for skin damage, itching, bruising and solid diaper rash


Camellia leaves: balance oil, fine pores, smooth skin texture, comprehensive conditioning to improve skin condition

Tea tree: strengthens the immune system, antibacterial, soothes persistent infections, improves genital, anal itching, acne and insect bite rash

Lavender: soothes mood, pain, regulates skin pH, promotes cell regeneration, and heals wounds

Olive oil: Known as [liquid gold], [Queen of vegetable oil], [Mediterranean nectar] is rich in unsaturated fat, acid-proof and various vitamins, polyphenols and other nutrients. It is highly resistant to oxidation and strengthens the skin's water-locking power. Gloss elasticity

Coconut oil: rich in fatty acids, lauric acid, with strong antibacterial power to improve the body, especially the true immunity

Beeswax: It has the functions of detoxification, relieving pain and stopping bleeding, and is widely used in medical care.