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 VITAMIN PLUS Cleansing Oil 125ml

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Emotion E-Filler® Silky Hand Cream 100ml



The skin around eyes and hands can reveal actual age easily and require special care, while hand care is often neglected 


Product Description

Has a soft texture that gives deep nourishing and moisturising effect, make it a must-have skincare product for home and office use.



• Emotion Skincare Exclusive Patent - E.S.U. Biocomplex ® deliver fine skin-compatible ingredients which are essential to our skin functionality, and can penetrate quickly  

• Deeply moisturising, instantly nourishing, improve skin radiance

• Create a protective barrier that helps to lock moisture

• Perfect for dry hands and damaged skin

• Leave skin soft and silky, yet non-greasy

• Visibly reduce fine lines, reduce wrinkles if use continuously



Apply morning and evening, or whenever it is needed on cleaned dry hands. 

Massage until the product is fully absorbed. 


Main Ingredients:

 Jojoba Oil (Vitamin B, E); Olive Oil (Vitamin E, Squalene); Glycerin; Lanolin


Free of Silicon, Paraben, Mineral Oil, Vaseline, Paraffin, Petrolatum, Allergenic Fragrance 

Dermatologically tested, Nickel Tested, Not Tested on Animals   


Note: Please use within 6 months after opening.



Emotion VITAMIN PLUS Cleansing Oil 125ml


Multi-Function Face Care Line made up of active ingredients that are full of vitamins, anti-oxidants and other essential nutrients, with formulae that are fully compatible with our naturally produced sebum. It delivers the active ingredients to our skin cells and do the job!


Naturally Formulated Cleansing Oil that CLEANSE and CARE our skin   

Emotion Skincare Exclusive Patent - E.S.U Biocomplex® deliver the finest ingredients that are essential to restoring skin functionality  

A multi-functional cleansing oil with a mix of 5 natural plant oils, that are rich in essential vitamins, WITHOUT the use of Mineral Oils


  • Its rich texture comes from the combination of precious plant oils, reduces fine lines & wrinkles, hydrates deeply, and leaves a soft, refined, pure skin


  • Continuous use improves skin’s moisture level and avoid impurities such as blackhead and blemishes


  • Vitamins and anti-oxidants contained shield our skin from free-radical damages


  • The light scent of Chamomile fragrance soothes and calms our skin and nerve


  • It cleanses and removes traces of makeup WITHOUT degreasing our skin, while skin’s natural moisture barrier is neither altered nor damaged






Suitable for dry, stressed and sensitive skin


Main Ingredients

Almond Oil, Jojoba Oil, Olive Oil, Argan Oil, Black Currant Oil, Chamomile Extract


Volume: 125ml


Directions:  Dampen your face with room-temperature water, pump twice and apply on face, massage with gentle circular movement until makeup being completely emulsified, rinse with room-temperature water or remove with a dampened cotton towel


Beauty Tips: This product comes from a powerful mix of active ingredients. Actions of some of these ingredients may cause slight irritation and watering to very sensitive eyes.  It is recommended to keep the eyes closed for 10 seconds after application and avoid direct contact with eyes.


Note: Please use within 6 months after opening.