BosleyMd Revive Color Treated (30 Day Starter Kit)


30-Day Starter Kit (Shampoo 150mlConditioner 150mlTreatment 100ml)



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Color Treated, help restore visibly thinning hair with sulfate free Bos. Removes build up, such as DHT, from the scalp surface, while cleansing hair of product build up and pollution. Maintains a clean environment for the appearance of thicker, fuller looking hair. 


30-Day Starter Kit (Shampoo 150mlConditioner 150mlTreatment 100ml)


Target Consumer: 

Women and Men with visibly thinning hair. 

Those that have experienced rapid hair loss and visible scalp.

Those with areas of the scalp where hair isn't growing



Gently removes DHT. product build up and pollution

Creates ideal scalp environment for hair growth

Reduces shedding 

Strengthens existing strands and helps retain moisture BENEFITS to prevent breakage 


Key Ingredients:

Pumpkin Seed Extract is a natural DHT blocking ingredient that helps promote healthy hair growth 

Natural Saw Palmetto also helps inhibit the action of DHT and may inhibit hair shedding

Rosemary Extract's antioxidant properties help reduce scalp inflammation and increase scalp circulation

Panthenol helps strengthen the hair and improve moisture retention