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Peekaboo Silk Pillow Case  (Pink)

Peekaboo Silk Pillow Case 50cm*75cm(Pink)

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Have you ever thought about it ... We spend 8 hours a day sleeping while the pillow case is the closest thing to our facial skin, but this is the most overlooked thing in our life. Therefore, we need to make some efforts to protect the skin, hair and maintain a good sleep quality during sleeping.


The following are the benefits of using PEEKABOO SILK PILLOW CASE:

• Anti-Age: The smooth surface of silk allows the skin to glide across the pillowcase without creasing on the skin, this helps to prevent side wrinkles.
•Maintain moisture: As silk is less absorbing than cotton, it helps to keep your skin hydrated and glowing and your hair healthy and shiny.
• Firm and glowing skin: Night is the time when the skin rebuilds new cells. Silk supports maintaining hydration . Silk is a natural protein that includes sericin and fibroin, which is also present in the human body, giving the skin its elasticity.
• For problematic skin: Silk is ideal choice for people with problematic skin conditions such as acne, eczema or even sunburn because it does not irritate the skin as being so soft, natural and gentle.
• For Sleeping Troubles: Silk is calming to the nervous system, stimulates many sensory points of our skin reducing stress so you fall asleep easier.
• Ideal temperature: silk is a natural temperature regulator ensuring that a prefect temperature of your body is maintained during sleeping & helps to fall asleep more relaxing
• Long Lasting Hair Style: helps your hair in the morning being less messy and frizzy
•Easy care: Don’t need to be dry cleaned. We recommend hand wash or gentle machine wash.