Peekaboo Repairing Glove (a pair)

Peekaboo Repairing Socks (a pair)



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shell:  90% cotton 10% spandex
面料:  90% 綿 10% 氨綸
Inner:  gel including jojoba oil, olive oil, vitamin E, grape seed oil and lavender oil 
內料: 植物凝膠 (防敏感)加可可巴油, 橄欖油, 維他命E, 葡萄籽油及薰衣草油
Washing method:
Hand wash with luke warm or cold water 
Benefits and usage:
- it goes well with wax.  Burn the peekaboo candle for awhile, blow off and put the melted wax on hand thoroughly before wearing gloves and socks.  20 min of pampering a day will turn dry and u attractive hands and feet into sensational stunners.
- suggested 3 - 5 times per week 
- helps to moisture, soften and brighten your hands and feet, also helps to improve wrinkle 
- helps to prevent the build up of hard skin
- washable and reusable with hypo-allergenic gel
- 燃點peekaboo 蠟燭約30-60 分鐘,吹熄火後,將蠟倒在手或足,穿上凝膠手套或足套,待20 分鐘,你將會有一對明亮光澤的手或足
- 提議每星期用 3至5次
- 可幫助補濕,軟化皮膚,令他亮澤,也可減淡乾紋
- 連續使用可預防硬皮產生
- 可洗滌及重用約40次,內層選用防敏感凝膠