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Peekaboo Silk Eye Mask 9cm*20cm (Grey)

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Peekaboo eye mask is made from the highest grade (6A) long fibre mulberry silk with a 19 momme thickness. Pure silk inside and out, the eye mask has a pure silk filler, silk internal liner and silk-covered elastic band. The eye mask will promote a luxurious, good quality sleep.




 6A long fibre pure mulberry silk 19 momme

 Silk filler, internal liner & silk covered elastic band

 Benefits: anti-aging, anti sleep crease, simulate darkness for better sleep, absorb less face and eye cream

 Hand wash with cold water only, do not tumble dry, do not bleach, low heat iron if needed




⁃ 產品採用100% 6A級純桑蠶絲,19 姆米厚度

⁃ 真絲外層、內裡及橡根外圍

⁃ 冰涼真絲質地非常舒服,除了可以遮光提高睡眠質素,還有效撫平眼部皺紋,眼霜及面霜也不容易被吸走

⁃ 用冷水手洗,不可放乾衣機,不可漂,如有需要用最低溫度燙平面料